In this live recording, you'll hear some of the best performances from some of our best shows over the past several months. Capture all the energy and excitement of a live show featuring the
Original Rhondels, and enjoy this experience as often as you like!



"If you're one of the lucky ones that have had the opportunity to see the Original Rhondels live, then you've experienced the power of THE Virginia Beach horn band that long ago set the standard for all others to follow. Featuring several members from the 70s Bill Deal and the Rhondels, yes, the ones with national hits "May I" and "I've Been Hurt", and other seasoned pros from the Virginia Beach area, their sound is as strong as ever. This great collection of songs fills the dance floor at every engagement. I've had the pleasure of being a fan of the Rhondels since the 1970s and enjoy them now as much as ever, not only from a musician's viewpoint, but also for the simple fact that they're a great bunch of guys that I call friends. Energy and fun is what this band is all about, and they never disappoint a crowd. So get your dancin' shoes on and get ready to party. Its 'bout time! The Original Rhondels are in town!"

-Johnny Barker
Raleigh, NC

Spinnin Round was the last CD recorded with Bill Deal before he died. This great compilation includes a number of favorites.



Brian Bleakley, lead singer with the Original Rhondels, has compiled this CD of his recordings made over his 40-year career. A great selection!!!


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